How it works

Create an Account

Firstly, choose between a silver or gold membership. The silver membership gives you a limited number of swaps. The gold membership gives you an unlimited number of swaps in the year. This gives you the reassurance that if you do feel like you would like to re swap clubs, you can do this as many times as you wish.

List the clubs you want to swap

Create a listing on the website. Take photos from as many different angles as you wish. Show the grip, shaft and the club head. Give as much detail about the club as possible. This will help others find their requirements when using the filters. You should also show any marks and damages if there are any. When the clubs reach the testers they will be thoroughly checked over so will only slow down the swapping process if everything was not shown initially.

Give the clubs a star rating on each of the following areas: -

  • Grip
  • Club head
  • Shaft
  • Hosel

Don’t forget to state the type of club you are looking to swap for. Be open minded to looking at clubs you may not have previously considered as there are always gems to be found.

Find a club you are interested in

Search through the listings on the website for clubs you are interested in swapping. Remember if you have listed a putter to swap, it does not mean you have to swap for another putter. The beauty of Golf Club Swap is that there are always other members that are looking for something to swap too.

Once you have found something you are interested in you can then propose a swap. This gives the member, you are trying to swap with, an overview of all your listed clubs for them to look through. They may have overlooked your clubs when searching for themselves.

It’s a Match!

Once a swap has been agreed, it is then time to send your clubs to our expert team. When both members items have reached our team they will then be checked against your given descriptions. If everything is as it has been described, the clubs will then be sent to the intended party.

Assurance Guaranteed

When swapping clubs with Golf Club Swaps, you get assurance guaranteed that what you are expecting is what you will get. Our team of experts are all golfers themselves, giving you peace of mind that they know what they are looking for. Every club that is sent to our team is opened and checked against their given descriptions. If there is a mark on the club that has not been photographed or documented in the description you will receive a photo before continuing any further with the swapping process.

There is no other website that offers you this service and we pride ourselves on making sure everyone involved can feel confident that what they are receiving is the level of quality they are happy with.